Catechism Classes and Class Teachers
LKG/UKG – Maria Dominick and Leena D’Souza
1st Grade – Natasha Moras
2nd Grade- Sr. Florence and Bro. Martin
3rd& 4th Grade – Deepa Almeida and Regis D’Cruz
5th& 6th Grade – Avy Duarado & Sr. Priya
7th& 8th Grade – Sr. Mary Celine & Jagdeep Pillai
9th& 10th Grade – Bro. Prakash and Anand V.
This was held on 16th June 2019 at Mount St. Joseph Cantoni Hall. After lighting of the lamp by Fr. Olvin Veigas, Amy Saldanha, Sr. Mary Celine, Sharlyn and Mary, the program started with a talk by Fr. Olvin.
Amy Saldanha, then gave the parents the details of the program for the year, and requested enthusiastic participation of children and parents in the program. The teachers were introduced to the parents and children.  The program concluded with coffee and cookies. Approximately 300 people, both parents and children, attended the inaugural function.
Classes began on 23rd June from 8:15 to 9.30 am.  Classes for LKG/UKG and 1st grade were held  in the parish hall,  and the rest of the classes were held at Nirmal Jyothi.
Classes 1st to 4th – Topics were chosen from the books provided by the Archbishop’s house. 
Classes 5th to 8th – General topics were chosen.  Preparatory work was prepared by Amy Saldanha from various liturgical books and given to the teachers of each class. The teachers then prepared themselves and conducted the classes with great dedication and coordination.
Class 9th – being Confirmation candidates, special lessons were prepared on issues ranging from Genesis to Jesus.  These lessons enabled the students to know the Bible as reading from cover to cover has not been a possible for any child so far.
Every Sunday morning the children assembled in their classrooms. The teachers then said a prayer, or sang a song for the little ones, and then started the classes. The teachers were given files with the prepared syllabus and additional information for use. Some lessons involved coloring of the pictures from bible stories and the children enjoyed their classes.
Every trimester a craft activity is done in the classroom based on one topic of the syllabus.
LKG & UKG – did lots of coloring on God’s Creation
1st – Grade – Jesus in my house, life, neighbors –Puppet
2nd Grade - “I am Gods’ Gift” hanging ornament
3rd& 4th Grades – Ten Commandments hanging ornament
5th& 6th Grades – Jesus the Shepherd – Glass Art
7th and above – Tree of Life – Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
The students of 7th  and above classes were taken on a trip to a Jesuit Institution in Anekal. The children along with the teachers and a few parents, visited the children hostel, interacted with games with the children, had a meal with the children and returnedafter visiting acommunity center run by the locals andJesuits in a nearby village.  The children of the village performed a dance and explained all the things they do at the center.  Two of our girls also performed a dance for all.  The children enjoyed the trip and returned with fruitful experience.
The 1st Trimester completed on August 30, 2019.
The second Trimesterwas from September 1, 2019 to December 8th, 2019.
We started with the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady on September 8th. The children participated in the parish mass and procession.  All the children were given a good understanding of the importance of Our Lady in the life of Jesus and how we should pray to her daily.
  • The Saints in the Catholic Church
  • The Blessed Sacrament
  • Jesus’ Commandment of Love
  • The Ten Plagues
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit
In November Sports Day was organized for the children by the Jesuit Volunteers of the Parish.  About 200 children participated in the various games held on November 17, 2019.
Once every six weeks, the children participated in the parish choir.  About 40 children have signed up and parents are encouraging them to participate well.  Our Choir Mistress Maria Michelle puts in lots of effort to teach the children new songs. The children do the readings at the mass, carry the offertory and are very enthusiastic to participate in the choir program. 
This year’s Mission Sunday Program was a great event.  The children of 8th grade and above organized games and conducted them well.  All the children participated in the raffle tickets sale selling all the books. The parents participated in contributing food items to the Catechism Missionaries Stall and the total collection was about Rs. 84,280.00.
 A total of 23 children registered for the First Holy Communion. A meeting was arranged with the parents and children. Fr. Arun, our parish priest gave the opening message explaining the meaning of the FHC sacrament and Co-Ordinator explained the requirements for the FHC. A complete schedule of the lesson plans and the names of the speakers was provided to the parents.
Preparatory classes began on 29th September, 2019. The topics introduced to the children were as follows:
The meaning of the FHC as a Sacrament – Fr. Arun
What is Prayer? How to Pray? – Amy Saldanha
Explanation of Sacraments in General – Sr. Priya
Explanation of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist – Avy Duarado
What is Sin? Why is Confession important? – Fr. Joyson,
A canvas art painting session was held and the children, with the help of their parents, under the guidance of Mira Pereira, Jude Pereira and Amy Saldanha did the paintings. The children and their parents were very happy and these paintings were displayed in the church on the day of the FHC, November 24, 2019. A canvas painting was given as a gift to the main celebrant, Msgr. Jayanathan.
A Retreat for the FHC children was held on 10 November 2019 at the Holy Spirit Convent.  Fr. Rosario, SDB, gave a talk to the children and Fr. Arun celebrated the mass.  The children and parents made their first confession on November 22, 2019 in the parish. 
It was held on Sunday, November 24, 2019,on the feast of Christ the King.
Msgr. Jayanathan was the main celebrant accompanied by Fr. Arun Kumar, Fr. Olvin Veigas, Fr. Xavier, Fr. Peter and Fr. Joyson.  The celebration was a grand event as the church was filled with relatives and friends, both catholic and non-Christians, who very much appreciated the process of this sacrament received by our parish children. The mass ended with a small celebration in the parish hall with cutting the cake.
The 2nd Trimester will close with a Crib craft on 1st December for classes 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and the lower classes will do their Christmas craft activity on December 8, 2019 followed by a small party of cake and juice for all the children.
The Confirmation program starts on December 1st. The Confirmation will be on Sunday 9th  February 2020. 

Catechism 2016-2018


Class Patron: Saint Dominic Savio– Std. 1&2 – age 6-7yrs

– Preeta Fernandes, Lovanxa Gomes, Vivette Rego

Class Patron: Saint Francis of Assisi – Std. 3&4 – age 8&9yrs

– Sr.Leema FSI, Reena Pinto

Class Patron: Saint Mother Teresa – Std. 5, 6, 7 – 10, 11, 12yrs

– Deepa Almeida, Mildred Tauro, Brother Johny Varghese, Sanjeev Joseph

Class Patron: Saint Joseph – Std. 8, 9, 10 – 13, 14, 15yrs

– Dominic A P, Pradeep Kanthraj, Sr. Mary Celine

Kannada Catechism – Sr.Asha and Sr.Vanila



The teachers who have volunteered for this great service of teaching catechism are truly talented and very dedicated. Every one of them is readily present to teach the children and to be involved in any activities planned. Their commitment and sacrifice are deeply appreciated and highly commended. The children have very positive feedbacks about every teacher involved in this activity. All of them are working professionals/students with very tight weekly schedules. They have taken time to offer their services in spite of various pressures and commitments. Their humility and steadfastness are appreciated and recognized.




Inauguration and Welcome – June 19, 2016, at Mount St.Joseph Hall by the Parish Priest, Fr. Arun Kumar SJ.

Children were introduced to the Teachers, the new method adopted for the catechism. The parents were asked to be more involved and to involve the children in any activities announced during the course of the year. It was decided to have the Children’s mass every 4th Sunday of the month and the practice for the mass was fixed for the 3rd and 4th Saturday evening at 4 pm.

The criteria for the First Holy Communion and Confirmation was discussed. Later the names were registered for the catechism classes with a fee of Rs.350 per head. Those who couldn’t afford were waived off on individual case basis. The names of those interested in choir, reading and altar service were registered.


June 26th, 2016, the Catechism classes commenced in the premises of Nirmal Jyothi Institute.

The sisters of Nirmal Jyothi have always supported us with their facilities. This year, due to the increase in the number of catechism children, we needed 2 extra classrooms. The sisters accommodated us by rearranging their schedule for their resident students. We thank the sisters for their continued support and encouragement.


Catechism Classes commenced – June 26, 2016 – 8.15am – 9.15am every Sunday at Nirmal Jyothi

The children assemble at the premises of Nirmal Jyothi for a short prayer and Hymn. Later they proceed to the classes in order. The teachers are extremely dedicated. They follow a theme every Month with a prescribed Syllabus.

The focus is to involve the children and to have interactive sessions. The syllabus of every class on a daily basis broadly covers prayers, hymns, and talk on the subject for the day based on the theme decided, Bible references and Bible stories. 

The themes of the month chosen this year have been July - Prayer, August - Faith, September - Service & Charity, October – Mercy & Compassion, November –Confession and reconciliation, December – Advent and Preparation for the Second coming of Christ.


It is amazing to see the talent that our children have. The children’s mass has been successfully animated by the catechism children every fourth Sunday of the month. This will continue even after the regular catechism class ends. The choir team is very dedicated and the children come promptly to the practice. The music and the singing have seen a steady growth in quality. The children who take up the reading have shown drastic improvement in their speech and announcements. The dedication of the parents, who are encouraging their children though they have class and other activities, is deeply appreciated. The children are willing to give time to the church services even during their exams. They deserve a great round of applause.



23 children registered to prepare for the First Holy Communion. We had a meeting with the parents of the children on August 28, 2016. Father Antony Lawrence SJ gave a very meaningful talk on “the role of parents in the formation of faith in the children”, “preparation to receive Christ and the importance of confession”.


The parents were very receptive to the plan for the children. The preparatory classes are held from September 4, 2016, between 9.30am – 11 am under the able guidance of Dominic A P. These classes are after the regular catechism classes. The children are provided with breakfast in the short break between the 2 catechism classes. The parents have volunteered to contribute and help in the arrangements.


FHC Retreat and First Sacrament of Reconciliation

November 6, 2016, a half a day retreat for all the children preparing for the FHC and their parents was conducted at Alverna Bhavan from 9.00am -12.30pm followed by Confession and Mass. Lunch was served after the Mass.


The retreat was conducted by Fr. Maran SDB. The priests who helped in confession and for the Mass were Fr.Simine Fernandez OSST, Fr. Xavier OSST, Fr. Thomai SDB. The FHC children made their first formal confession.


First Holy Communion for the year 2016 was on November 20, 2016, on the feast of Christ the King.

Fr. Simine Fernandez OSST was the main celebrant along with our Parish Priest Fr. Arun SJ and our Asst. Parish Priest Fr. Antony Lawrence SJ.


Catechism Children actively took part in Mission Sunday activities. They sold raffle tickets and put up stalls of food and games.


The Catechism Day and Christmas tree were celebrated on December 10. Every class presented their learning for the year. The deserving students who performed well in the classes, who were regular in attendance were awarded and certificates were distributed by our Asst. Parish Priest Fr. Antony Lawrence.



23 Children received the sacrament of Confirmation by Most Rev Arch Bishop Bernard Moras on January 8, 2017. Confessions and Holy Hour with a half a day retreat for all the children preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation and their parents was conducted at Mount St. Joseph on January 7, 2017. Fr. John SJ, Fr. William Sequeira SJ, Fr. Freddy SJ helped in the Confessions.