Who we are?

Jesuit Volunteers, who love to be called as JVs are a group of few energetic and charismatic people from different walks of life who have come together with a shared goal of reaching out to people through their selfless service towards humanity, especially the marginalized and the needy and thereby increase their personal spiritual life.

How we started?

One day a person with goodwill came to meet the Parish Priest Fr John DSouza and asked how he can help and contribute his services. Father John needed some help in teaching English for the ITI students. This gentleman inspired Fr John to come up with this idea of Jesuit Volunteers. There are people in and around who want to contribute their services for someone’s development but there was no proper channel to go about. So Fr John invited all people with goodwill for a small meeting and discuss about it. A good number of people signed up. The first few months meeting went into learning about the life of St Ignatius, prayer life, examination of conscience and then the retreat. Then Fr. John wanted the JVs to take up parish activities and different people signed up for various activities like coordinating for Catechism classes, Liturgy, Social Work, counseling, training and other such activities.

When do we meet?

JV meeting happens twice a month ( the 2nd and the 4th Saturday of the month) at 4 pm at Prerana. It starts by invoking the Lord with the Ignatian Prayer. Once a month it is dedicated for the rekindling of the spiritual lives of the JVs and the other meeting is to discuss the future pans and evaluate the progress from the last meeting.

What is our Vision and Mission

JV Vision: “To be deeply rooted in Christ through service and payer for the greater glory of God”.

JV Mission: “We journey towards our vision by practising Ignatian Spirituality, helping children grow up in Catholic faith, sharing and reflecting the Word of God, working for the upliftment of the marginalized and being Agents of change to promote the spirit of well-being”.